canon eos rebel t1i 15.1 mp cmos digital slr camera with 3-inch lcd

canon eos rebel t1i 15.1 mp cmos digital slr camera with 3-inch lcd

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 Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD 

 Canon PowerShot A3000IS Specification: 
-10.0 Megapixel  
-4x Optical Zoom 
-2.7 "LCD Display Optical 
-Image Stabilizer High Sensitivity (ISO 1600)
-Low Light Mode Face Detection AF / AE / FE / WB 
-Super Vivid Mode Poster Effect Mode Rechargeable 
-Lithium-Ion Battery 

 Canon PowerShot A3000IS Camera Review: 

 But I'm not a professional photographer I do appreciate good quality, and I tremendously appreciate casual photography. I tried this out using room inside a couple of shops and photograph it truly impressed me with good quality and ease of use. In fact, by now I Had ordered the Sony Cybershot DSC-W350 to replace my Sony Earlier, But Likely will be returning it the moment it Arrives. The W350 truly has a lot of capabilities I do not need, But this room has just what I would like - the power to acquire images in fantastic Several conditions. Not to mention, the price is fairly good from Numerous merchants. Also, I just like the way it feels in my palms. It really is kind of chunky Compared to other digital cameras of this generation, But I actually Want That, as it is Simpler to hold and manage. The buttons feel sturdy, and I like the truth That it's a mode wheel variety, That is very easy to make use of. Out of all the level digital cameras shoot & I Have Had the opportunity to use over the years (Including an older Canon, Sony, and Panasonic), I Have Found That this is the best digital camera at Producing That colors are true to life. That is one of the major points That sold me on this digital camera, and was quite surprising to me! The auto mode Easy auto mode and work okay and are a good option if you just want to get a picture without HAVING to mess with settings, But I want to use the program mode and Adjust the available settings myself (keep in mind, this is position to shoot & I know the manual settings are limited). I feel I can get better photographs, most of the time, if I tweak the settings myself. However you prefer to get the photographs, the options are there at the turn of a wheel! The only bad thing I can truly say about this room Is that the microphone is not All That wonderful. It can be Most Perfectly Fine for videos, videos of concerts But can sound badly garbled if it is very loud or if there's a lot of bass. If not for That then I'd give this room a perfect 5 stars. Overall, I truly get pleasure from using this room. It really is not a pro camera by Any Means, But It is a great level & shoot for everyday use, and 10 megapixels is PLENTY Unless you plan on printing poster sized photographs. This digital camera caught me by surprise, and I'm glad it did! However, if you're in the market for something very compact, or with a lot of bells and whistles, then you Might Want to skip this camera. I've only HAD this room for a Few Days, I know I can not say yet how it will hold up in the long run, But if anything goes afoul then I will update this review. For your consideration, I have a Few sample images uploaded in the image gallery.
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